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Welcome to the Consulate

MsMay, Aug 30, 11 6:55 AM.
 In most countries around the world, there exists a Consulate, a small part of land considered to be british soil, manned by ambassadors and their staff, in place to negotiate, and liaise with the governments of that country on behalf of the realm.
After numerous incursions, Her Majesties government has recognised that we interact with forces from elsewhere, and that ambassadors were needed for these interactions. Abassadors that were at home with receptions, parties, and large calibre rifles.
From the ruins of London's Aldermen they recruited the few remaining Aldermen, their apprentices, and staff, and The Consulate was formed.
The Consulate are small though, and require ambassadors and assistants to pave the way to peace with the unknown.

Beta Access

MsMay, Aug 28, 11 6:19 AM.
One of our members, Ms Choo, has gained a guaranteed security pass into the upcoming Beta.

If you believe you can sip cocktails with vampires, Dance with Demigods, and decapitate Zombies, then please send your C.V. to Ms May, or Mister Tydings.
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